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Merchant Cash Advance Memo to Business Owners - 2013 

Let NextWave Funding assist you by providing quick access to the best financial option in the industry called a merchant cash advance. A merchant cash advance will provide immediate access to capital whenever your small business needs it. Our merchants enjoy a 90% approval rate.

NextWave Funding is able to offer your business up to $150,000 based on your future credit card sales. Get the capital you need in a matter of days without any hidden or upfront costs. With a merchant cash advance you will not have to provide collateral or personal guarantees.

You can be approved whether or not you have bad credit as your eligibility is not determined solely on a credit check. Call us right now to get the ball rolling. We have millions to advance this year!


Ronald Stein
Chief Executive Officer



*24 Hour Funding is subject to final approvals and meeting all of NextWave Funding requirements.  

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